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What's New with Mike's Peanuts

There has been a great deal of buzz and chatter going on about Mike's Peanuts. If you haven't been hearing about it, that's probably because it's been going on overseas with our U.S. troops. Owner Mike Shaughnessy has been donating his famous Deep Fried Peanuts to our soldiers in combat. Here's what they're saying:

Letters from the Troops
to our soldiers in combat. Here's what they're saying:

We got the peanuts!! Holy crap they are so delicious!! I am going to pass out 4 bags to each division on Friday and I will get pictures as I give them out!! Believe me they will enjoy them!!!

MSgt Michael R. Goza
VMFA-312 Maintenance Control Chief

From the Food Scribe

QuotesPeanuts can be dull. In my house, they come from a can and are often requested with beer and the remote control. But have you ever tried eating a deep-fried peanut, shell and all? If you have, were you able to stop yourself from eating the whole bag? I recently discovered Mike’s Peanuts at the Olney Farmers and Artists Market. These addictive little beauties, straight out of Summerville, S.C., are deep fried (in peanut oil, what else?) to a hearty rust brown hue and dusted with your choice of salt, BBQ spices, Cajun spices, or, in honor of our fair state, Old Bay seasoning...read more>>Quotes