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Mike's Fresh Boiled Peanuts

A Guide on How to Eat 'Em!

No matter the flavor-from Original to Cajun-eating boiled peanuts can be a delightfully messy experience. Knowing the best way to eat boiled peanuts will help you to remove the tasty legume from the shell (and keep your clothes clean).

1. Purchase Mike's fresh, hot boiled peanuts at the Charleston Farmers Market on Saturdays, April-December, the Mt Pleasant Farmers Market on Tuesdays, April-October and all other local festivals and sporting events.

2. Always eat 'em when they are hot or warm. Mike's tried-and-true recipe is top of the line, the shells of the boiled peanuts will be soaking in all their boiled peanut goodness and the legumes inside are soft and tender.

3. Crack open the peanut shell with your teeth or fingers. Split the shell along the length of its body, and it should break into two halves. One, two or three neatly cooked legumes should rest inside the halves.

4. Prepare for peanut juices! Have plenty of napkins available and a bib, if necessary. When the peanut shell is opened, the juicy goodness will be released. Enjoyed best with a cold beverage, good conversation and/or a good ol' fashioned ball game.